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Introduction: Drum to Couch / Armchair

About: ...i am just an avarage guy with an regular job...and some crazy ideas... so live and let diy ;)

I had left my old drum, but i dont wanted to dump it, there could be a way to give it a new use

Step 1: Dismantling the Drum

So i started to unscrew everything and dismantle the drum.

After that, i took the heat gun to remove the glued foil.

A lot of scrws but that step was pretty simple

Step 2: Cutting the Main Drum

I measured to cut the half of the drum

Step 3: Seat and Backrest

I took some spruce wood and cut it to fit as seat and backrest.

When it fitted, i screwed both parts on the drum and covered thescrewholes with woodpaste

Step 4: Armrests

I took a smaller drum and cut out the armrests. then i screwed the mounts again on the drum to see if it fits, now i can change the armrest to fit perfectly

Step 5: Foam for Seat and Backrest

I took again two pieces of spruce wood and cut out again the back rest and seatplate.

After that i glewed on some foam and cutted it until it fitted the size of the sprucewood.

I added some srews so i could fix it easily tothe main body

Step 6: Upholster

This step was my first time that i took faux leather for upholster

i cutted the leather and stretched and fixed it on the backside of the sprucewood with a stapler

Step 7: Coloring

while the glue was drying i painted the hole drum in limegreen an after the colour was dry i reinstalled everything

Step 8: Finish

i screwed the upholstered backrest, armrests and seat to the drum... et voila finish

An nice re-used and upcycled drum

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