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I needed to make a two color decal for one of the drummers in my band. The best way to layer two different colors of vinyl is to use a light table. I don't have a light table, but I do have a glass-topped picnic table in my back yard. Here is a step by step tutorial that shows how I did it.

also on my blog:

Step 1:

Here are the two layers of vinyl. The silver layer has been covered with transfer tape, and will be our top layer. The burgundy layer will serve as an outline for the silver letters.

This is the same vinyl used at sign shops everywhere. Check out the signage page on my website for resources.

Step 2:

lay both pieces on the table face down.
now the silver layer should be on the bottom, burgundy on top.

Step 3:

Tape the silver layer to the table.

Step 4:

One thing I forgot: the sun has to be out for this to work.
Look under the table, slide the burgundy layer around until it lines up with the silver layer. Then place a weight of some kind on top to keep it in place.

Step 5:

Tape the burgundy layer in place to the silver layer. You may need to trim away some backing paper.

Step 6:

view from under the table of both layers aligned.

Step 7:

Flip the whole assembly over. Pull back the transfer tape from one corner.

Step 8:

Cut off the backing paper at abround the halfway point.

Step 9:

The view just before merging the two layers.

Step 10:

Burnish the silver layer down firmly to the burgundy.
repeat for other side. Postion decal into place on the drumhead,
and tape it into place. Remove backing paper one side at a time as
in previous steps. Burnish decal firmly onto drumhead, and finally remove transfer tape.

aslo see my slideshow on Fotki

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    By the way, the Extra Action Marching Band is one of the best bands in the Bay. You people are amazing.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Where did you go to get your decal printed and about how much did it cost?


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I run a place that helps create what you would need for step one, the diecut decal. www.customdrumdecals.com. They are ready-to-stick DIY vinyl decals for your drumhead. One color is $35 and $5 for additional colors- multi colors come layered. We're local to the SF Bay Area ( I see your in Oakland) but ship allover the world. Also, on the website there are details for a wet application that might be easier to position when your logo is larger. The dry way, if you touch the sticker to the head on accident in the wrong spot, it's stuck. (like a giant bumper sticker). There is even a recipe using baby shampoo to make the application fluid on the CDD website if you don't want to buy it for the $3. Great tutorial though. Very helpful for people to learn that this, like awesome many things, can be DIY!


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    haha, yeah I've been to your site before, good niche. I have my own plotter, and I've worked in about every part of the sign biz for the last 15yrs. My band has 8 drummers and I make all the decals for all their heads, and the tuba bells too, so thanks for the offer, but I'm set up for decals. I will recommend you though.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Courtney!
    You seem to have seen a few drummers ;o) All the more reason to DIY.

    Slapping your name on your drumhead is one of the best ways to get your band name remembered when you're playing out. Even if one can't afford to go the vinyl route, use a paint pen or stencils and spraypaint to do so!

    Two more ideas:
    You can get the clear static cling material in large sheets(i know from a sign shop, maybe craft store too) then paint or vinyl letter the clear material and stick to your head. pros: you can remove and then reuse over and over - great for drummers who drum for multiple bands and don't want to buy a bunch of heads. cons: thickening up the resonant head like that may affect tone beyond what a mic can compensate for- it depends upon how big the logo is. I tried to get some testing done by friends who were on tour in Europe and borrowing kits for every gig, but never got any conclusive results one way or the other.

    Other idea: Haven't tried this but what about a cheap projector and a white (rough texture) head?
    they have those cheapo projectors in the toy aisle or around the holidays so that you can project the big ol santa claus on the side of your house. why not mod it and use for the head? As long as the band doesn't trip over the unit.

    Also meant to say in my original reply: many awesome things... vs. the other way around.


    13 years ago

    I once made a paper bass drum head (for a drumset). My intended use was for it to have a guitar stuck through never got to it though.

    Coffee bean
    Coffee bean

    14 years ago

    This is great my brother could use this.