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Introduction: Drunken Gummy Bears

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Summertime means getting outside and getting your party on! Bring this boozy bear to your next outing and score some great gummy points.

Vodka gummy bears are a great addition to any party or picnic. Though they may look like candy for kids, these infused gummy bears are for adults only as they contain alcohol. So, keep them away from the kiddos.

Making your own is easy, but does require a few days of infusion, so plan ahead. This process can be altered to include any type of gummy candy, and any type of high-alcohol spirit.

Ready to create these fun treats with your bear hands? Let's make!

Step 1: Supplies

Making your own drunken gummies is not only the easiest thing you'll ever make, but there's endless ways to change this recipe up by using different types of gummy candies and different alcohols. Here's an easy start:

Try out any other combinations you think might work, like cola bottles and white rum or watermelon gummies and tequila. Have fun with the combinations!

Clean and dry your food safe container before use, and make sure you have some backup containers as you'll need plenty of room in each container to hold the gummies when they swell from infusion.

Step 2: Fill Container

Empty gummy candies into your container until about half full. The candy will swell up to about three times their size so you don't want to fill your container completely, otherwise your gummy bears will spill out of the container!

Give the container a quick shake to settle the gummy bears and level out the surface.

Fill container until the alcohol is just above the tops of the bears. You'll need the candies completely submerged with a little extra to spare.

If any candies popped up during filling poke then down with a finger, add more alcohol as needed to ensure the bears are completely submerged.

Step 3: Seal + Refrigerate

Seal up the container, this prevents any fridge smells from being infused in the candy as well as the vodka (you'd be surprised if your gummies tasted like the cut onion you have in the bottom of your fridge!)

Once sealed place in the refrigerator for a few days. Keeping them in a cool place allows the gummies to stay fresh while they absorb the alcohol.

If you leave the gummies out on a hot, or even warm day, the gummies will melt into a sticky goo pile. Easier to just keep them in the fridge for a few days and forget about them.

Step 4: Patience

Here's the hardest part of this project, waiting. Alcohol will take a few days to fully infuse in the gummy candy. During this time the gummies will swell up to about triple their size.

After about 4 days the alcohol will have fully penetrated the candy and made them large and soft. You can easily test by sampling one of the gummy candies, you'll know if they are not ready as the centers will be firm.

Step 5: Remove + Examine

Once your gummy bears are fully saturated they can be removed from the the container. There may be some residual vodka or gelatin on the bottom of the container, so scoop (don't pour) the gummies from the infusion container to a fresh container or bowl.

It's crazy to see just how large these gummy bears can get after a few days soaking in vodka.

Experimenting with different size gummy candies will yield some interesting results.

Step 6: Boozy Party, a BEAR Essential

Serve these boozy bears bears however you like, just make sure they are out of direct sun so they don't melt!

I had these gummy bears in a large bowl with small shooter cups next to them for people to scoop them out with and enjoy, but a large spoon or even your fingers can suffice if that's your thing :)

Store any extra drunken gummy bears in a covered food safe container in the fridge. They will last for months, though you'll probably finish them off before they spoil!

Have you made your own vodka gummy bears, or other alcohol infused candy? I want to see it!

Share a picture in the comments below of your boozy creation and I'll give you a free Pro Membership to Instructables!



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    22 Discussions

    Can you put them in the frezzer to make them go faster. Or does it need to be in the fridge

    Here's a variant for y'all to try... Jack & coke bottle gummies. So tasty!

    1 reply

    Awesome! I tried it again with rum and coke bottles, but your variation sounds even better!

    Thanks for sharing, enjoy the Pro Membership!

    are they good for dads because my dad may make some

    My husband and I tried these with a few different flavors of alcohol, we used haribo gummies, too. All of them melted down to a gel within a day or so, in the fridge. No idea how we screwed it up cause it looked like a fun idea

    1 reply

    In the fridge, with 40% abv. spirits, these should take about 5 days to fully infuse.

    What was the alcohol you used, was it very strong or something exotic? Even room temperature heat will melt the gummies, did your fridge malfunction?

    I had these at a 4th of July party last week and they were uhhhhhmazing. Lol Do you know if anyone has made them with the "sour" type gummies. I wonder because of the sugary sour granules how it would turn out.

    1 reply

    The sour comes from the coating that has citrus and tartaric acids. The sour worms go through quite a process. Citric acid can also be used in making EXTRA sourdough bread. It comes in a powder form.

    Maybe, rolling them in some would do the trick. But I'd expect it to be a little messy as these "adult gummies" would be pretty wet.

    I like your idea!

    put "recipes vodka" in you search engine.

    I'm talking more about "infusions", that sort of thing. Not necessarily food recipes. I tried looking up "recipes" and I am not interested in Vodka Sauce.
    "vodka infusions" might be the thing to do?

    I tried this with gummi worms. Now all the fish in my cooler are drunk. Tried these when I bartended. Couldn't keep up with demand.

    A WORD OF CAUTION.. DO NEVER USE plastic for storing high abv alcohol. It WILL leach into your product. Use glassware or stainless steel for storing and mixing your spirits.

    Hmmm, thinking Red Stag...

    If you roll them in some Powered Sugar, they aren't as sticky to the touch.
    although I like them naked as well. Yummm

    "Are you drinking again, Henry?"

    "No, dear. Just having some gummy bears."

    "Well, all right then."



    1 reply

    Oh my goodness! Funny! I may never eat another gummi bear, though...

    Here in the Pacific Northwest of the US we call these 'Spirit Bears' alluding both to the native culture of our area and the 'active' ingredient :) A friend has also done spirit worms (with gummy worms of course) which make for a whole different experience.

    I have found many plastic taint the vodka and gives an upset stomach get a good food grade plastic or use a glass bowl this looks great cant wait to try it

    My tummy aches just looking at these, but still, WAAANNNTTT!