Drunken Whaler Sauce

Introduction: Drunken Whaler Sauce

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My take on a sandwich spread/tarter sauce and don't worry about the drunken part, it references the pickles and separates the sauce from a sandwich sold by a  fast food empire

 As usual this is a guide NOT a recipe, feel free to add or subtract ingredients to fit your famiys taste

Step 1: Shopping List

you'll need an empty jar if making this ahead of time or a bowl if making it for a fish dinner


 horseradish sauce (mine has a pink color because I added some left over adobo sauce)

 sweet pickle relish or dill relish if you prefer

 diced pickled jalapeno peppers

 lemon juice

Step 2: Get Mixing

I fill the jar about halfway with mayonaise then add in approximately half of the bottle of horseradish sauce, 2 heaping spoonfuls of relish and a about the same amount of diced jalapenos and top it all off with about a tablespoon of lemon juice and mix it all up

Step 3: Use It

This is (in my opinion) an incredible tarter sauce on fresh or frozen fish sandwichs or entree's it is also a great sandwich spread for any lunchmeat sandwich. I make a jar usually every other week or so and have used it to make tuna and crab salad and on turkey as well as bologna sandwichs

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