Drunken Coffee? Pretty Much.




Coffee is great, booze is greater, why not put them together?

Let's get started shall we?


Step 1: Tools and Supplies.

lets see here, gather up two 750ml bottles of cheap but fairly smooth vodka, a glass bottle or jar big enough to hold the contents of both, your favorite fair trade organic coffee beans, some foil and a  few rubber bands. (not pictured but also useful, coffee grinder, spoon, coffee cup and a funnel.)

Step 2: Grinder Time

Delicious coffee, scoop it  into a cup. I  used  the same amount for each bottle of vodka as I would for a pot of coffee.  off to the grinder and back looking like this.

Step 3: Fill 'er Up

Pour one bottle of vodka into the large glass bottle (this one is half a gallon).
Now grab a funnel and pour the coffee in slowly.  When all the coffee is added pour  the  other  bottle of vodka in on top. 

Step 4: Cover and Shake.

Cover with foil.   Secure the foil with rubber bands. 
Give the bottle a quick shake, try to keep as much coffee as possible submerged.

Step 5: Hide It From the Sun.

Find a nice dark closet or cupboard. Place bottle on shelf and  let the magic happen.
Clean up the original vodka bottles and strip off the labels.

Step 6: And Then....

After a few days give your booze a sniff, and a taste. If you like how it has progressed it is time to filter and bottle it.
Grab a coffee filter, a funnel and those spiffy bottles the vodka came in.  Put the filter in the funnel and refill the vodka bottles. I wound up using a pitcher  under the filter. Depending on the size of the funnel you have and the neck size of the bottle this might not be  needed.



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Only dangerous for those who insist on drinking like a fish, which is dangerous with or without the coffee,


    7 years ago on Step 6

    What you have there is Coffee Schnapps! Awesome!