Dry Box (Kayak/ Boat/ Tubing)




Introduction: Dry Box (Kayak/ Boat/ Tubing)

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Yeah so I got this great waterproof bag for my DSLR camera online. Now I can take my camera into the kayak without worries... or under water for that matter.

The only issue is I have no waterproof storage for a spare lens, my smart watch, my phone, keys.... etc...

My solution is this simple inexpensive box!

Plus if I flip it floats!

My kayak unfortunately is just not equipped.

Here's my fix.

Step 1: What You Need

Drill bits, drill, liquid safe tupperware (has waterproof gasket and locks), and a gate latch cable.

Note: Tupperware should be soft and flexable. Hard tupperware will usually crack.

Step 2: Match

Match a drill bit with the clip that comes on the gate latch cable.

Step 3:

Pick a spot on the lip of your container where it won't impede the gasket. Drill slowly.

Slip hook threw the drilled hole.

Step 4: Hook It

You can use some from of quick disconnect.... I just used parachord and looped it.

Step 5: Fill It Up

Pack it full... Close it up... Clip It on...

Step 6: Tuck and Go

Just hook it to your kayak and tuck it where you feel comfortable (I prefer easy access) and away you go...



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    Have you tested to see if it's buoyant enough for the weight of all those optics? Lenses are crazy heavy

    1 reply

    It's the first thing I did when I got it! I loaded it up and threw in some extra weight just in case!


    3 years ago

    I'm having trouble finding a container big enough. could I ask how many litters yours is and the brand name? Thank you!

    2 replies

    I just went with a 3 liter container maid by sistema. They make many other sizes to suit your needs as well.


    3 years ago

    I was thinking the same thing but you gave me extra ideas I don't think of. Nice Instructables! thank you!

    1 reply

    Absolutely.... I do appoligise for the late response. I has been a couple months of weddings, vacation, and moving.

    That is a great idea, do you know about how much the container costs? Just curious, but thanks for the idea.

    1 reply