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Introduction: Dry Shampoo - 2 Ways

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A quite a few years ago I came across dry shampoo in the store. I had never used it, but thought it was intriguing, so I grabbed a bottle of it.

Turns out, I absolutely loved the stuff.

It was great for adding a little bit of lift and volume to my roots, great for holding in a solid backcomb, and great for making my hair look first day fresh just *one* more day!

There are some days, where I accidentally sleep in and wake up with less time than I'd like before rushing off to bring the kids to school and hustling off to work. Those are generally the days I wake up feeling, and looking, a little less than fresh. AH! I know.

This is when my dry shampoo really steps up!

While I LOVED the store bought stuff, I just didn't like the ingredient list. Or the fact that they were single use aerosol cans. Or the strong scent. Or how much it made me cough when I used it indoors.

In my bid to be healthier and more environmentally conscious, I mostly gave up dry shampoo.

Then one day, I was at my local health food store and they had a little bottle of dry shampoo sitting on the counter. It wasn't filled with toxic, hard to pronounce ingredients. It wasn't an aerosol propelled spray bottle. It was perfect!

Till I saw the price. $30! I choked back my shock and bought it. Used it. Loved it.

Until I ran out. That's when I decided I needed to make my own.


I hope you love my dry shampoo as much as I do! It's easy to pat a little bit along my roots for a quick freshen up, or give my head a good spritz with the spray shampoo followed by a quick blow-dry to help sort out the "I just slept this hair" kinks.

The dry shampoo is fairly straight forward - the wet dry shampoo sounds weird, but it's so great!

Step 1: Dry Shampoo

Gather your ingredients:

2 tbsp tapioca starch
2 tbsp corn starch
3 tbsp Bentonite clay
3 tbsp cocoa powder - change this depending on colour needed to blend in to your hair, use as little as none and as much as 5 tbsp

Simply dump into a lidded container and shake well to combine.

To use:
- dip a large makeup brush in the dry shampoo mix
- tap off excess back into container
- tap again in lid
- gently pat the mixture into your roots where required, massage a bit using fingertips
- wait a few minutes, then brush hair thoroughly until well blended.

Step 2: Spray Dry Shampoo

Gather ingredients

2 tbsp tapioca starch
2 tbsp vodka
2 tbsp witch hazel
1-2 tbsp cocoa - if required
10-15 drops of essential oils - if desired

Using a narrow funnel, fill a small spray bottle with ingredients, starting with the starch. Once all ingredients are in the bottle, shake well to combine.

To use:
- shake well before use
- part hair and spritz along the roots
- work it in to the roots with your fingers
- hit it with the blow-dryer to help speed up the drying process and to add a little volume

* No need to spray lots of this one - it packs a punch, but just doesn't seem so when wet
* Spray before you get dressed as it may leave a little bit of powder residue behind

I didn't add cocoa to this one, although I could have, it was borderline for me on the blend. You'll know if you need cocoa when you test it.

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    Hey! Yeah, you bet. The alcohol helps dissolve the starches in the liquid, but evaporates quickly so you aren't left with wet hair after using the spray!

    Hmm. Intresting. I remember using aloe gel and wintergreen scented rubbing alcohol back when I had dreadlocks. It was nice for days I didn't feel like wet hair half the day. Didn't realize they sold dry shampoo.

    2 replies

    Dry shampoo is a life saver! I'm not sure the spray style would work well in dreadlocks - as it tends to need a bit more brushing to blend, but the powder with the brush certainly would!

    Rubbing alcohol is a great idea, I considered using it in my spray but was kind of concerned that I'd inadvertently get it in my eyes! :)

    Yeah, you can't really brush with dreadlocks, but that's okay. The aloe/alcohol mix was mainly a gel, so it was the convenience of a liquid without the fear of getting it in your eyes.

    I can't wait to push tapioca starch and cocoa into my hair! I'll do my part to help the flies and the environment!

    1 reply

    Ha! Well it isn't a substitute for a shampoo - obviously! Just helps buffer the in-between time!

    Ah, cocoa powder - great for my brunette hair! I bought a powdered dry shampoo several years ago, but it was white powder and it was hard to get brushed out enough that I didn't look like I had a white cast to my hair. I'll give it a try! One question, where does one get bentonite clay? Thank you!

    5 replies

    If there is a ceramics supply store or pottery studio near you, they may have it.

    I think commercial brands are wising up to the struggle those of us with darker hair have - I saw some Batiste spray for brunettes the other day at the store!

    I got my bentonite clay at my local health food store, but it's WAY cheaper on Amazon! This is the brand I use https://www.amazon.com/Redmond-Clay-Bottle-10-Ounc... I also use it in clarifying face masks!

    You might be able to find it on-line if no local shops carry it. Amazon has several brands of it. My guess is a natural/organic shop might have it. If a local supermarket has a decent selection of natural products, check there. I found some clays in one near me.

    Very intriguing-dry shampoo. Interesting read, thanks...Not that I can see myself using it! (I'm lucky to use a comb)

    1 reply

    Ha! I wish I could say the same. With long hair, I spend more time brushing that I'd like to!