Drywall Seam Repair

Introduction: Drywall Seam Repair

Dealing with soil conditions in North Texas, even the best
laid foundations have a tendency to shift. This shifting can cause small cracks along the seams in drywall.

Today, we will provide you a tip on how to repair these permanently.


  • Fiberglass mesh drywall tape
  • 3M Patch Plus Primer
  • Putty Knife
  • Mud Pan
  • Sanding Sponge

Step 1: Apply Fiberglass Mesh Tape

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is just applying

spackling or joint compound to the drywall crack. Ove time the crack will come back.

Center the tape on the crack. Since one side is sticky you can place it on the wall and get your 3M Patch Plus Primer ready.

Step 2: Add a Thin Coat of 3M Patch Plus Primer

Side Note: When purchasing your 3M Patch Plus Primer, make

sure that it hasn’t been opened.

Apply a thin coat of Patch Plus Primer over your mesh tape. Just enough to fill the voids. This will make the tape adhere even more to the wall.

Add the spackling by beginning in the middle of the tape and spreading downward motion. Then go back and spread spackling from the center of the tape in an upward motion. This prevents tape from wrinkling.

Step 3: Add a Second Coat of 3M Patch Plus Primer

The reason for adding light coats is to prevent humps on the

spot where your tape is located. Make the second coat wider by spreading out 2 inches from the right and 2 inches from the left. The key here is to apply slightly more pressure on the side of the knife that touches he drywall. This will feather the Patch Plus Primer and blend it in to the existing drywall.

Step 4: Lightly Sand the Patch Plus Primer

For small repairs jobs, use a fine grit sanding sponge to

feather the edges. Lightly move in a circular motion over the patched area. This will help blend the patch into the existing drywall.

Step 5: Paint

No need to prime, with 3M Patch Plus Primer, there is no

need to prime. Before painting you may need match your texture. There are many videos on YouTube showing you how to texture.

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