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Introduction: Ds Game Cart Caddy

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Alright, so let’s be frank. You have spent at least 500 dollars on this handheld game system for your kid(s), and that’s really all it/they need. Stop trying to bring back “games” in the car when Nintendo did it for you. I came up with this for my girlfriend and her little sister, since both of them have a ridiculous number of game cartridges and refuse to go anywhere with ALL of them. But there is nothing on the market that holds more than 8 games and ATTACHES to the game system. So, I made one, and you can too, in order to keep those games organized and at hand.

so you'll need:
Crafting foam or cardboard
Old fabric
Normal glue
Game cartridges

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Step 1: Measure and Cut!

Measure your game system and cut out foam for the flaps that will hold the carts. I made a 20 cart holder for a dsi xl, adjust the number of carts for each device. i.e.: a ds lite can only hold 4 comfortably. When laying out carts, make sure to leave a space for the fabric to be adhered to the foam. Cut as many as you want for as many carts as you want. Cut one piece that is as long as the others but make the height enough to be the binding for all the layers and the device. Then, cut out 2 small squares and nick off one corner on each square. Also, cut out one large rectangle that is the length of the game device but a bit longer so it can attach to the binding. Then, cut holes in the binding for the system to be tied down to the caddy. I also cut out all the fabric, which was: one per foam sheet for the cartridges, one long one to tie the system to the caddy, and two short strips for the latch system.

Step 2: Glue!

now, glue with (the normal glue) all the fabric down. i used a paintbrush to get the glue under and over the fabric, since my fabric was thin enough. be sure to only glue on one side of the foam. once all of the fabric is glued, super glue to foam together, then lay out the biding and cover and super glue that down too. i also glued a foam strip to make a latch on the last piece. also, the squares you cut are for the corners, so glue the edge of the squares to the edge of the cover. they should be pocket-like.

Step 3: Cutting Pockets

to cut holes, use your knife or sharp object and cut slits perfectly sized for the carts. depending on how much you want showing of the cart, cut 3/4 to 1/2 way down the space you allotted for the cart. test sizes with games you have on hand. for my last page, i made a spot for styluses and head phones too, but you don't have to.

Step 4: Final Assembly!

take the long strip of fabric and feed it into the binding holes you made earlier. also, put fabric knots onto the latch system. you can use velcro instead (to make the latch system) if you want. decorate the cover as you please. i labeled by pockets, but you don't have to. enjoy your new caddy. now, go make your child's brain mush.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Cool! I have a bunch of games also, like any self respecting Nintendo fan, LOL! This is a great, inexpensive way to keep track of them all!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Clever and creative! I have a DSXL, and am currently using a small purse to hold everything (though it doesn't hold EVERYTHING, if you know what I mean, lol). I think your creation is just what I need to make for myself! Good job!