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I have been seeing a lot of 3d printed images and decided to make my own but in 2 colors. This is pretty easy to do. I have only tried a couple images so far and the method seems to work well.

Files have moved to Thingiverse

Step 1: What You Will Need

  • Tinkercad
  • Simplify3d or other software that can convert image to 3d
  • An image
  • 2 color 3d printer (1 color will work if you pause and swap filament)

Step 2: Make the Single Color 3d Image

I used simplify3d

But there are others methods

  • Go to add ins
  • Click convert image to 3D
  • Choose image
  • you may or may not need to invert it (this one isn't)
  • Save it

Step 3: Design

  • Go to Tinkercad editor
  • Upload the stl you made
  • You will need to scale it down and then stretch it up
  • Make the piece that will be under it
  • Duplicate that
  • Convert duplicate to hole
  • Align hole and image(not up/down)
  • Group hole with image
  • align the remaining 2 shapes(not up/down)

Step 4: Printing

Save file as obj then use slicing software to make it 2 colors

Do not save as .stl tinkercad is only multicolor on obj.

in some software you might need to hit separate connected surfaces or something like that

In mine I just drag and drop colors but in other ones there is a dual extrusion mode where you select what head does what

This is different depending on what software you use.



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