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Introduction: Dual Grip for Stabilisers

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Reasons to add this Dual grip to your stabiliser:

  • Able to hold the stabiliser longer as weight divided over both arms.
  • Affordable upgrade as it will cost around $40 to make this and is cheaper than a whole vest.
  • Its compact to carry inside your bag, unlike a large vest with arm.
  • Add accessories onto the grip instead of onto your stabiliser to lessen the weight.

The main thing about this is that it divide the weight of the stabiliser over both your arms, so you can use your stabiliser for a longer period. However you do need to practise a bit, to learn how to proper control it, as its yet also different then your normal stabiliser hold. As to turn the camera you have to give light taps pushing the camera to the direction you want and not induce shakes. However to proper balance your stabiliser we do advice to balance it on a light stand before mounting it onto this dual grip.

To mount it is just putting the Light stand bracket part into the handle of your stabiliser, however due to each manufacturer have different sizes the one I made is mainly for the Came stabiliser and for Flycam, Glidecam it might be too loose and you would need to wrap the Light stand bracket with something to increase the size to give a snug fit. If you have an Hague MMC you should look at this other post where I show you how to add dual handles to that too.

This setup is can easily be dismounted to become a small package as the handle can easily be unscrewed to make a flat smaller package to put in your bag. But also you could use this is a dual grip setup for any camera to get a steadier grip of the camera when filming handheld. However you could also look at my other video where I teach you how to build a cage with a dual grip.

Step 1:

Parts list with linking to find parts on Ebay with most affordable prices:

Parts that you can find at local hardware department stores:

  • 4x M5 nuts
  • 4x M5 Washers
  • 2x m5 bolts
  • 2x large rubber washers
  • 2x M5 bolt cap

Step 2: Extra Part

There is also extra part you could add on top of both handles, so you don’t have to grip the handle but able to rest the grips on top of your hands with a flash foot. However due to that most parts are not produced perfect, it might not align perfects as in the image above and need to use washers or spacers to make it align better.

2x $1 – Flash Foot

See more at: http://www.chungdha.nl/?p=3299#sthash.kO7rl80Q.dp...

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