Dual Lab PSU With Protection Made From Computer PSU


Introduction: Dual Lab PSU With Protection Made From Computer PSU

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This is another lab power supply i made from old computer power supply. It's double pole, adjustable 2.4v-27.5V, between both poles there is 55V. It's easy to make this, you need to desolder all output components, leave everything around main ic and solder couple of new parts( resistors, capacitors, potentiometer). If you like this video then subscribe and don't forget to support me on patreon https://www.patreon.com/TestasTChannel

Step 1: The Circuit

Don't watch at output section. Only use everything that is around the main ic.



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    hi... greeeeeat project and excellent video.. you know a lot of electronics!!
    dude, I understand you want to share the knowledge and all...
    but please I beg of you, don't make an ible just to showcase a video...it can be done with no harm, but is just bad etiquette, like farting in public... u get me? I understand that is veryyyy hard work to make all steps and diagrams of a whole instructable and sometimes u don't have the energy nor the time for it and want to share, I get it... but if u do it, please open the ible by apologizing and later make a full proper instructable... :-)
    I really hope I didn't offend, and if so I'm deeply sorry... happy instructabling!!

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    i'm planning to make proper instructables with steps, but for those who are to lazy to read i will put my video.

    Another lovely instructable performance video. If only an option existed to filter these out!



    1 reply

    Oh ifonly an option existed to filter these people like you...