Dual SIM System for (almost) Any Phone




Carrying and changing your sim card is essential for many people, and it's getting more and more painful when phone manufacturers putting more and more tricky bits to sim card slots, here I show you how to use some simple trick to get rid of those pain (a bit)

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Step 1: Material Preparation

All you see is all you need, a paperclip, a sim card that you want to carry as a replacement, and some scotch tape

Step 2: Trim the Tape

Take 50mm scotch tape, glue side up

Step 3: Stick It on Tape

Stick the sim card and paperclip on the tape, try to align them in center line, leave as much recess as possible

Step 4: Stick It on Your Phone

simply stick it on the back of your phone, without blocking your camera/flash or speaker holes

Step 5: Finish

Your dual sim phone is ready to use, enjoy

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    3 years ago

    It would be easier and much more tidy to just find a dead or broken Samsung phone, pop out the "click in" type of sim card holder that they use, and then crazy glue it to the back of the phone. Then you could just pop the secondary one in and out and it would stay locked in securely when not in use as opposed to having to redo the whole thing every couple of days when the tape stops sticking or when it falls off and gets stuck to the inside of your pocket.

    And rather than the unnecessarily large and pokey paperclip, you could just get one of the small flat poking tools that are actually designed for this purpose (they look like an elongated zero with a tiny poker coming out of the top) and then keep it in place by glueing a small piece of magnet tape to the back of the phone beside the sim card holder. If that didn't provide sufficient grip, a thin square of rare earth magnet would also work and would definitely provide a strong enough pull to keep the poker tool in place.

    But whatever, the piece of packing tape and a paperclip are pretty great too.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting idea. Why do you have to swap out your sim card frequently? I'm not familiar with why a person would need to do that, but I am genuinely curious.

    3 replies

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I live in Hong Kong, whenever I need to go to mainland China then I need to do this, and when I'm back to Hong Kong I need to do this again, that's how "one country, two system" works, same issue for many travelers too ;)


    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    I do exactly this.

    The reason is to avoid carrying multiple phones (and the need to stay connected on the job). With an unlocked phone and two SIMs (att/t-mobile in my case) I can swap sims and be connected should I enter an area with poor coverage by one or the other carrier.

    It further comes in handy since I subscribe to an ATT MNVO which doesn't permit roaming -- and the T-mo sim is a prepaid (already dropped $100 on it 5 years ago (making it a "gold subscriber" account) -- and just need to spend $10 a year to keep it active. I still have over 700 mins on the t-mo phone.