Dual Sim & SD Card Simultaneously on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Step by Step Guide

Introduction: Dual Sim & SD Card Simultaneously on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Step by Step Guide

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Step by step guide to use Dual Sim & SD Card at a time on Xiaomi Redmi Note3

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Step 1: Pictures of All Stapes

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1. Draw the sim card's diagram

2. Heat up the Nano SIM card’s plastic side for about 3 seconds with a lighter. Remove the chip out from the nano SIM card using twiser.

3. Trim the Nano SIM chip using blade

4. Attach Nano SIM Chip with the MicroSD Card using Hard glue (feviquick) , Proper direction is necessary

5. Place the sim and SDcard into the tray

6. insert the tray into the phone

Now see Dual sim and SDcard Working Simultaneously

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    5 Discussions

    Do anyone know if it's possible to swop out the dual sim tray of the original Note 3 for a hybrid version which I assume is in the pro? I'm guessing not, but worth the ask.

    This is an awesome idea! Thanks for sharing. Is there much chance if damaging the chip part of the SIM card by doing that to it?

    1 reply

    Yes, I tried this method with a Nano Sim Card and while I was removing the plastic back I thing I over exposed the SIM to it, causing it to be damage before pasting it to the SD card.

    now i am going to do this think with my Redmi 3s