Dual Vertical Coil Build




How to wick a vertical coil build on a Velocity deck.

I'm using the deck from the Uwell D2 in this.

You need:

  • Velocity deck
  • Coils (the legs need to point in the same direction)
  • Cotton (I use cotton bacon for this)
  • Scissors or shears
  • Tweezers (angled needle tweezers are the best)
  • Juice!
  • Bit of patience

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Step 1: Insert Coils

Insert your first coil into the post holes and keep it aligned with the air hole using a screwdriver or the post from your coiling tool.

In the photos I am using kanthal clapton wire 26/32awg with 6 wraps, the ends line up almost perfectly with the post holes.

Tighten the screws down and trim the legs.

Dry fire and crimp the coils until they are are shaped properly and heating evenly as usual. You may have to re-align the coils over the air holes with your screwdriver/coiling post.

Step 2: Start Adding Cotton

You need a piece of cotton in the centre of the deck.

Cut a small piece as if you were going to wick a horizontal coil, don't roll it tight you want it fluffed up to fill the gap, and stand it in the middle of the deck between the coils. Trim it to the top of the coils and fluff it out and make sure the air holes are not covered.

Cut four more pieces you need enough cotton that can slide through the juice channels easily but still fill the channel.

Tight roll the tip and thread it under the juice channel and use your tweezers to pull it up through the hole, it should lie against the coil and post vertically.

Step 3: Trim the Wick

You need to trim your cotton flush with the juice channel ring and flush with the coils/posts. spread and fluff the cotton in the juice channel ring.

Make sure the air holes are clear.

Step 4: Wet the Cotton

Pick your favourite juice and wet the cotton a bit, the tamp the cotton against the coils and posts

Step 5: Wrap the Coil

You need a thin flat piece of cotton the width of the post height and long enough so it will just overlap. Wrap it around the coils and posts making sure to keep the seal o-ring clear (don't go below it)

That's it! just rebuild your RTA making sure you don't get cotton caught in threads or the sealing o-rings.

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    7 Discussions

    YS Creations

    2 years ago

    I'm curious why the cotton doesn't go through the coils? Also, wondering what is the benefits of a vertical coil build? Might be nice to drop a few little information pieces like that into your Instructable :)

    3 replies
    liquidphantomYS Creations

    Reply 2 years ago

    The cotton would block the air holes if it went through the coil. The vertical coil allows for more surface area of the coil to be in contact with the cotton increasing vapour production enhancing flavour, while also giving improved airflow.

    YS Creationsliquidphantom

    Reply 2 years ago

    Ah thanks for the explanation. I'm semi-new to vaping & running an RDTA so the idea didn't seem to make much sense to me. I thought running through the 2 coils would probably work well (allowing me to drop down into the tank as well). My air holes are on the sides of the RDA section. Putting like you did would end up blocking my atty's air holes.

    liquidphantomYS Creations

    Reply 2 years ago

    On a side note though if you do a vertical build on an RDA you can loop one piece of cotton through both coils if it doesn't have bottom air holes.


    2 years ago

    Yeah, coil build on instructable! Nice job by the way