Dual Firing, Knex Sniper, True Trigger With Scope.

About: Hi! Im the fishfrog and I like making guns from knex, and playing my wii. I fight the one man war against ps3 cause i hate it.... I've got Mario kart wii(and ds),ssbb,Call of duty 4, world at war, Black ops,...

Easy to make sniper with scope and a true trigger. NOTE!! At the end of this instructable, the elastic bands and hard to put on properly. It cant shoot green, white or blue rods accurately but it can shoot the bigger rods and hit on target well.

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Step 1: The Parts for This.

Get these parts.

Step 2: The Body...

The body to keep the sniper together and is also for looks.

Step 3: True Trigger and Scope.

Make these.

Step 4: The Dual Barrels.

The barrels shoot together for extra fire power.

Step 5: Assemble the Parts.

Do as the title says i guess?

Step 6: The Rubber Bands.

This is the hard part.

Step 7: Thank You!

Thank you for making my first instructable and hope you enjoy my creation!

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    47 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 4

    how many yellows r there???
    i cant count them :P thanks


    8 years ago on Step 7

    what are the bullets and how do you load


    9 years ago on Step 5

    hey well i find the elastic band bit hard so can u edit it and make it a bit more clear in step by step


    9 years ago on Step 1

    i love it how you say what u need before u start, it makes it soooo much easier

    1 reply

    no, i built without instruction, just a sort of glance over the instructions then i built it, and since the body is already straining i could not figure it out, i may try again though.