Dual Purpose Bird Feeder - Make in 5 Min

The catalogs may have prettier ones, but this costs nothing as you probably have everything needed lying around the house), takes 5 minutes.  There were finches feeding within 15 min of hanging this on my fire escape (3rd story apt. in the city, above a backyard).  This is a dual-purpose feeder - remove the top part (for loose seed) t to use the basket only as a suet (seed cake) holder.  If you don't need a suet basket you can forgo the skewers & punch nail-holes around the plate rim and hang with string.
Items needed: 
 Used small plastic tub, a take-out plate lid or pie pan, 6 bamboo skewers (or maybe long chopsticks), basket, tape or hot-glue gun.  
  Use tape or glue-gun to affix the plastic tub onto the larger lid/plate.  Glue or tape together a 3 x 3 grid using six skewers, and affix the plate to this.  Insert over basket.  Add your bird seed (I got a big bag from the dollar store) and hang!

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    3 years ago

    Nice, I like it. Obviously the birds like it too and that's the most important!