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We still have some 555s left from the jameco box, so we decided to go with a dub siren.  The dub siren is a fairly simple circuit, ideal for a beginner project.  It makes a myriad of bleeps and sci fi sounds -along with the classic police siren- and, like everything dub, it taste better soaked in delay. 

Step 1: List of Materials

   555 ic
1    µa741 ic
4    4k7 resistor
2   10k resistor
1   4001 diode
1   47nf capacitor
1   0.1µf
1   220µf capacitor
3  100k pots
  50k pot

Get the frizting file from this page to have a look.  Using that as a base, we recommend first try it in a protoboard.   Put first the ics, then all the ground an 9v connections.  Then all the resistors and capacitors.  Have a check at the wiring needed between the ics, and last connect the pots and power.  Test it out, if it bleeps and drones, you are good to go.  Experiment with different values for the capacitors, the one on the leg 2 of the first 555 sets the modulation.  The one in the second 555 sets the frequency (the higher value of the capacitor, the lower frequency)  Just test and choose the one you hear more pleasing (or annoying) to your ears. 
You can put 2 different capacitors and a switch to choose beetwen them, like you can see in the fritzing file.

Step 2:

We used a perf board with a design very similar to a protoboard, so its easy to move from the proto to the final soldered components.  Check the pictures for some notes, but basically repeat the connections made in the protoboard on the final perf.

Step 3:

Once you have finished solder and checked that the dub siren its working, its time to enjoy!  Just find a proper case and voilá! 
In case you missed it, here there is the video again.  If you build one show us yours!
Thanks to the jameco people (www.jameco.com) for sending us the components.
Dub on!



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    9 Discussions


    Reply 3 years ago

    Is it working? Which capacitors did you used? I am also confused because in sketch there are different parts than in the list of materials. If you have the correct schematic, could you share it, please?


    Reply 3 years ago

    I gave up. The list and info was too vague when i tried it all i got was hum and its not worth the effort . The caps on the fritz look like radial electrolytic capacitors in which case you need them the right way round and as the diagram doesn't even have the positive and negative the right colors how are you supposed to know. I would love to build it but like i said too many complications with not enough info.
    I'm sorry i just used the info there i have no correct info like yourself. I'm looking at building something similar on the gearslutz.com site. Here's the link if its any help. :) ...
    Hope it helps in some way!!! :D


    3 years ago

    this is soooooooooooooooo confusing .. where did the stereo jack come from? Whats the point in a list of parts if it doesn't include the parts!!!??? Could you please list all the parts you used to make the dubsiren that are in the fritz diagram? Some of the parts don't even have values. Sorry but its really annoying buying parts to sit down to make something then find you haven't got all the parts. thanks :)


    3 years ago

    why are there 5 caps on the fritz but only 2 listed? Its a bit confusing for a beginner any chance of a recap if you have time??


    3 years ago

    In the fritzing sketch there are different capacitors than in the "List of materials". Could you help me, and say which are correct?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! Its a circuit bent danelectro echo, converted into a delay (it uses a PT2399, so shorting some points gives you the full power of the delay, instead of the fixed delay time of the echo) The ldr is in series with the delay time pot, for more expressive control ;)