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Let me make one thing clear first of all; If your looking for a step by step by step tutorial of how to build a quadcopter... You're in the wrong place, try checking out my other instructables for pretty much the same drone, but more in depth build instructions.

That being said, Ive built many drones; hexacopters, multirotors, unmanned rc planes, you name it. Lately however Ive been somewhat bored of the usual quadcopter build... Frame then motors, add ESC's, throw a flight controller on flash it and boom Done. Building a drone just wasn't as challenging as it used to. So once I saw the gif contest I had an idea, A stop motion video of building a drone! I ordered a drone kit on, took out the parts on a table and started going to work!

Making the stop motion was awesome,it added a challenge that was just like building my first quadcopter!

Want the kit that I used to build this multirotor?

Buy the Dubai 225 kit here

Buy the Receiver I used here

Transmitter I use

Now I admit I messed up ALOT while filming/photographing this. So take it easy, its my first stop motion video i've ever made. So you can either watch the full video below or click step by step for gifs

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Step 1: Build the Frame and Add PDB

The first step is to assemble with frame using the included screws and carbon fiber arms. Basically just attach the baseplate to the arms and screw it together

Next I got some nylon standoffs and used it to raise the power distribution board just slightly off the carbon fiber baseplate so it doesn't short After that I was ready for the next step!

Step 2: ESC and Motors

The next step was to add the motors to the end of each arm.

Dont forget to use Loctite and screw in a star shaped pattern so your motors dont fall out mid flight!

Once that was done I just soldered the motor leads to the ESC and from the ESC to the PDB.

Connecting all the positives and negatives together, However leaving the servo leads coming of the esc alone for now.

Also I used some zipties to hold down the ESC's

Step 3: Assemble FPV Head

Next its time to assemble the FPV head. I added the fpv camera, the micro receiver and also the fpv transmitter into the small carbon fiber box!

Just screw the camera in slightly, then tighten down at your desired up tilt, and plug in the wires from the fpv camera to the fpv transmitter! To save space I just cut and soldered the wires together.

dont forget to stick the power leads through a hole and mount the fpv head onto the base plate of the quadcopter!

Step 4: Wire in Reciever

Next its time to wire in the receiver! Plug in the included receiver plug into the Femto F3 FC and make sure its fully in. Next, since the receiver im using is a micro sbus, I cut off all the other excess wires. Then I just covered the receiver in a bit of heat shrink and stuck it in! I also used two zip ties to hold the antennas up!

Step 5: FLY!

Next just solder on a xt60 connector and you're set to go fly! Dont forget to flash the quad with cleanflight and bind the transmitter to the receiver first!

I want to thank you for reading my instructable! I know its the lowest quality "Teaching wise" but lately I haven't been too motivated to build anything with school and work taking up most my schedule. This little challenge was all I needed! Dont forget to subscribe for new projects every month!

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