Duck Hunt Fidget Spinner in Fusion 360




Introduction: Duck Hunt Fidget Spinner in Fusion 360

Hi This is my 1st instructable and my 1st project in fusion 360 but hopefully you might learn something from what ive learned

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Step 1: References

to make this object usable if you intend to print it you will need to make sure your scaling and sizes are correct

things to consider...

  • how big are any bearings or weights you use in the spinner (standard 608 bearing 22mm wide x 7mm deep with an 8mm centre hole)
  • will the design spin in your hand? does anything stick out too much, a good way to get an idea of how much room you have to work with is to grab a ruler and measure the space between your thumb and finger webbing and the centre of your thumb and finger pads (see pic), so in my case about 4.5 - 5cm to centre point seems fine.
  • is the design balanced and weighted enough, no balance and it will vibrate when spinning and if not heavy enough toward the outside it wont spin for long

Step 2: To Fusion!

ok so be warned my description of how to do may not be the best (a vid may have been better) but ill try to describe in a few steps how to make and you are welcome to ask questions

all about the circles!

so C is your favourite key for this one, press the "C" key whenever you want to draw a centre point circle

i started by drawing 2 x 22mm circles for my bearings (can be changed later for printer tolerances) in the positions i wanted them (you can draw a bigger guide circle if you like to stop you from spacing too far apart)

then much like all those learn to draw books we use more circles to start to make our design, so one for the body and one for the head

then i used the sketch tool to draw lines between and join them and to draw the beak and hair

Step 3: Ro Ro Rotate Ya Owl.......or Duck in This Case

so we have the design but now we need to turn it into a spinner, for this we use the "Circular Pattern" tool under "SKETCH"

now you need to select the object, then select a pivot point (this will be the middle where your bearing goes) then you can select how many repeats you want, as you can see in the pictures we could have 4 or 5 ducks (ill stick to 3), when you are happy press ok,

now we have 3 objects arranged in a circular pattern but they are still separate objects so lets join them. Make sure all the objects are highlighted (you can click and drag a box around them to do this) then go to "Modify" at the top and select "Combine"

Step 4: Duck Done

and thats essentially it, you can add bevelled edges if you like and design your own bearing covers, again its alll just measuring, circles and extruding

as i said before, any questions please ask and i will try to help

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