Duck Tape Flower




Hi! Today I am going to teach you how to make a duck tape flower (this is my first instructable so I hope you like it)

Step 1: Materials

We will be needing:

• Cutting board: (Optional)

• Scissors or and exacto knife

• Duck Tape

Step 2: Getting Started

You will chose whatever type of duck tape you wish you can choose one color, two colors or even four colors depending on how you want your flower to end.

Step 3: Setting Up

We need to set up the squares we will use to complete our flower so first we will cut a strip of duck tape, then we will cut in half. We want our squares to be not so big but no so small also, you will want to find the perfect size for your squares.

You can cut them with scissors with the exacto knife and even with your hand.

Step 4: Starting Your Flower

You will grab a triangle and fold it in half, then you will do the same with the other half. You will then start adding triangles to your flower. You want your flower to be nice so you will want to separate the triangles. You also want to keep them even. While you are adding the triangles keep them leveled, don't put them to high up or your flower will look like a pine cone. Keep the triangles level and your flower will start growing very nice!

Step 5: Final Product

At the end you should have this flower the seize depends on the number of triangles you cut

I hope you liked my instructable and I hope you found it easy and instructable!




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    5 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Cool! I wish I was that talented with duct tape

    1 reply

    Reply 2 years ago

    Of course you can be you just need practice!


    2 years ago

    Those are cute, one of my friends made one for me when I was in college that I still have. :)