Duck Tape Iron Man Helment




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Step 1: Supplies

Cardboard,scissors,pen, duck tape and gold duck tape

Step 2: Making the Face

Get you cardboard and trace your head then draw the front of iron mans helment and trace and cut your eyes on the cardboard

Step 3: Roll It So It Is Bent

Step 4: Cover With Duck Tape

Step 5: Trace

Trace the face on another piece of cardboard and cut it out and fold to bend and cut three pieces on the chin and tape.

Step 6: Create

Now cut the end and tape

Step 7: The Helmet

Fold in half and tape the top and back. Then cover the whole thing with red duck tape

Step 8: Assemble

Now connect the face with the helmet using more duck tape and then draw the details on the face

Step 9: Finished

And your done! Hope you like your new iron man helmet

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