Duck Tape Lego Cape

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Step 1: Supplies

So your going to need: duct tape,scissors and a lego person

Step 2: Small But Strong

Cut a rectangle of duct tape twice as tall as your lego person. Then fold over until the end of the duck tape meets the other end. (the duck tape should be a square now and as tall your lego person)

Step 3: Measuring

Cut the square to the shoulder length then over the head

Step 4: Form the Cape

Cut the middle 1/4 the way the make the top look like bunny ears the cut circles in the middle

Step 5: Finished

And your done!!! This is Indywave signing out

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    3 Discussions


    3 months ago

    I took this idea and made a trench coat for my figures! let me know if you want to see an instructable on it!


    4 years ago

    How cute I'm gunna make some for all my Lego peps lol thanks for the idea!!!