Duck Tape Phone Case

Introduction: Duck Tape Phone Case

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Duck Tape: the miracle material, it can be made into tuxs , boats, planes, wallets and phone cases.  This amazing substance will protect your beloved phone from scratches, drops, and dirt, (and somewhat from water). My phone (Samsung Galaxy Ace) only has two store bought cases available (at least were I am anyways) they are both hard rubber cases and only come in two colors black, and purple. Even with this vary limited selection they cost about $27, way to expensive for me. So with a little creativity and hot glue I came up with a uglyer, but much cheaper case that serves me well. I think that the cost of the materials would probably be around $7. 

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Step 1: Materials

Wire (about a foot) 
Ducktape (about 2 m)
Wire Cutters 
Hot Glue (small amount)
Hot Glue Gun 
1 Paper Towel

Step 2: Building the Skeleton

Start by bending a piece of wire around the outer edge of the phone. Make sure it is on the top so that the case can't slip off. Then trim the excess (if need be). Then place the paper towel over the phone so that it sits underneath the wire. Next take a smaller piece of wire and start warming up your hot glue gun. Hot glue one end of the wire about halfway up the body of the phone and then wrap it around, hot gluing the other end into place. Then gently remove the paper towel from underneath ,or you can just trim it and have the duck tape go over top this will add a bit of protection from drops but will also make the case bigger. Then if the hot glue left big lumps trim them so they aren't as large. 

Step 3: Skinning Inside Layer

Now start by making a layer of tape sticky side up so that it won't stick to the phone when you put the case on. Wrap one end of the tape around the left side then stretch it over the phone and reattach on the right side. Repeat this until there is a sticky side out layer all over, any gaps could allow the duck tape to stick to your phone leaving behind a sticky residue. Try not to have to much wrapping over otherwise the next sticky side down layer wont stick. 

Step 4: Skinning Outside Layer

I forgot to take allot of pictures for this step, but it's vary easy. Take the tape and put it onto the sticky side up layer so that both sticky sides are touching. Cover the phone with tape , make sure to keep it tight and flat.  

Step 5: Final Details

Now the only thing left is to cut holes for the camera and the headphone jack. To find the exact location just feel around you should be able to feel the location of the camera, speaker, headphone jack, and other  bits through the tape. Then mark with a marker and cut out. The best way to cut out the holes is to poke a small hole with a pin and then stick the scissors through the hole and begin cutting. Feel free to try this same method with other fabric materials or anything else, please share any of your thoughts in the comments section. 

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    This is cool! I need a way without using wire things. I'm not even high school.