Duck Tape Picture

Introduction: Duck Tape Picture

What You Will Need:

A Cricut Explore

Duck Tape Sheets or Regular Duck Tape

A Canvas

A Digital Design

Step 1: Pick Your Design

The first thing that you want to do is pick the image that you want to create. Blank coloring pages work best.

Step 2: Open Cricut Design Space

First you will want to open design space and, making sure your image is downloaded, go to create new project, then upload images. Then hit upload image, find your image and open it. Pick either simple image, moderately complex image or complex image based on the image you chose. Simple images are the easiest to work with.

Step 3: Take the Background Out of the Image

Click on the background of the image so it goes transparent, giving you the outline of the shape and then click continue. Now you have the first part of the painting which is the outline of your shape.

Step 4: Next Color

Upload your image again the same way but stop once you get to the select and erase page. Here is where you will pick your next color. Mine is white. Select all of the colors except the color that you picked so that the color that you picked is left. You can use the zoom buttons on the right and the undo buttons if you make a mistake. Click the eraser and erase all of the black lines that will probably show up on your screen near the image. These lines will mess up the cutting steps if not erased. Hit continue and do the same thing for all of the colors that you need for your final image. Once that is complete, click on all of the images that you uploaded until they have a green check mark on them. Hit insert images.

Step 5: Making Your Canvas on Design Space

Hit set canvas and go to basic canvas. Then on the very right side of your screen, hit the canvas tab which will show the dimensions of the canvas. Pick whatever size that you want but keep in mind the size of the cricut mats (12 x 12) and (12 x 24). If you are using the duck tape sheets, which are the easiest to use but don't have many colors, you will need to use an 8 x 10 canvas.

Step 6: Making Your Image

For this step you will need to click on each separate image that you have put into the design space and make sure they all say cut. Click on the side bar on the printer in the circles and change it to cut when the window pops up. You can also change the color of that image because it will turn to grey. Arrange all of the images that you have put on the screen so that it looks like how you want the final image to look. Make sure it stays on the canvas that you have created.

Step 7: Cutting

Hit go and look at the colors that you will need. You can place duct tape that is on a roll right on the mat but if it is a sheet, place the whole sheet on the mat with the backing. Hit go again. Load the mat and turn the dial to custom and then on the drop down menu, hit duck tape. Then hit go and it will start cutting. Do this for all of your colors.

Step 8: Canvas

You can either cover your canvas in duck tape or leave it plain. I usually cover it in duck tape to make it look prettier. Layer all of your cut pieces on the canvas, doing the bigger pieces first.

Then you're finished! Congrats on making a duck tape picture!

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