Duck Tape Purse




Introduction: Duck Tape Purse

To make a duck tape purse you will need: Duck Tape Scissors, exacto knife, or rotary cutter. Grommet kit Cutting mat

Step 1: Making the Sheets of Tape.

Lay one piece of duct tape down on the mat. Overlay that piece with another half way on half way off. Repeat until you have a one sided sheet.

Step 2: Making Sheet of Duck Tape Continued

Once you have the one sided sheet you have to peel sheet of mat and flip over. Once you have done that you need to make that side not sticky. Do the same as you to make it. Piece by piece cover it. U should make 2 of these sheets.

Step 3: Making the Bag/purse

Once you have made two of the duck tape sheets you have to connect them. Make sure they are the same size by trimming them.

Step 4: Attaching the Sheets Together

Tape the sides together, half on one side half on the other. Also do the bottom.

Step 5: Attaching the Sheets Together Continued

You next need to carefully turn it inside out. Then tape sides and bottom half on half off.

Step 6: Finishing the Bag Part.

Tape the top parts so the top has a clean edge.

Step 7: Making Handles

Take one long strip of duck tape and cover it with another the same size. Then tape the sides for best looks. Make 2 of them

Step 8: Attaching the Handles.

Attaching the handles is my least favorite part. You will need a grommet kit for this. Read the instructions before using the kit. Use the whole punch part to make a hole through the bag. Then do the same with the handles. Then attach the handles with the grommets. Then embellish it to fit your own style.

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