Duck Tape Trick Clown Flower

Introduction: Duck Tape Trick Clown Flower

Yup, Its a clown flower. Whats a clown flower? Ya know, one of the flowers that clowns use to squirt people in the face! Yup, I will show you how to make one, with DUCK TAPE!
For this you will need simple materials that you can most likely find around your house.

Step 1: Materials

In this 'ible you will need few materials that will cost you little or no money, at all!

1) DUCK TAPE!! whatever color you want

2) A straw. any size, whatever you want.

3) Ruler, Scissors and a water bottle

Step 2: The Pedals

Making the pedals is easy. All you have to do is cut 2 inch pieces of duck tape then fold it to form a triangle. You will want about 10 or 15, or more. Thats it. Easy right? 

Step 3: Cutting the Straw

Next, all you have to do is cut a straw. I cut mine about 5 inches. You can cut it shorter, or leave it the same length. Its all up to you. After you cut the straw, you are going to cut a long piece of DUCK TAPE in half. Then wrap it around the top of the the straw.

If you want you can add another staw and make the stem longer

Step 4: Puttng on the Pedals

Take one pedal and wrap it around the peice of tape on the top of the straw. Thats as easy as it gets. After that, take all the pedals and put them on. Just keep wrapping around the layer below. Keep wrapping until all your pedals are gone. Then your done.

Next, you can put on the stem. Take a long piece of tape and split it in half. Then wrap it around the straw all the way to the end. Then that is your flower.

Step 5: The Squirter and the Bottle

Time to make the squirter, the part that will soak your innocent flower sniffer. Take about three equal pieces of duct tape and stick them side by side. They must be all flat or else the water will leak. Flatten the tape and then fold it over, equally. Next fold the tape in half, and tape the bottom, MAKE IT TIGHT, or the water will leak. Then the side, MAKE IT TIGHT. Then do half of the top.

Next take the water bottle, and cut part of the curved piece out. This is the part that will keep the squirter from sticking together. Put the piece in the squirter. After that you are done with it.

Step 6: Putting the Whole Mess Together

Take The flower, and the squirter. Put the flower in the top of the squirter and then put tape on the other side. Secure the whole flower onto the squirter. After that take a bunch of duct tape and wrap it all around the squirter. MAKE IT TIGHT!! It will prevent the water from leaking.

When all said and done, fill it up with water and see if it works. Then spray some perfume on it, and soak away!!

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