Duck Tape As a Bicycle Rim Tape.




Nothing really like rocket science, just small hint. I've found Duck Tape (or cloth tape/silver tape if you like) as a good replacement for rim tape. You can rip it to required width and apply easily just unwrapping bit by bit, sticking to rim. Easy and light.Just start from valve hole (cover it) and at the end overlap slightly. Then make a hole for valve (just cross cut). Job done.

Step 1: Test

So far about I've done ~70km on those wheels, no probs at all. As you can see on the picture, is a flat bar racer and both wheels 110-120psi.
Keep'em rolling.



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    This may work for you, but I tried this with high pressure tires and eventually the tape gave way on the edges of the spoke holes. The exposed sharp edges then punctured the tubes. This took a few weeks to happen.

    But I can imagine that not all duct tape is created equally and some will hold up better than others.

    I've used this for low pressure tires, a mountain bike for example, and it worked for as long as I had the bike.