Duck Tape and Cardbord Frisbie

Ok, this is a cheap but fun thing to play with.
if some of the photos look wierd, it's because I had to up the contrast a lot.

Step 1:

list of stuff you need:
1 cardbord box
a knife
ducktape (any color you want)
1 foot of string
pen (not shown)

Step 2:

Ok, so in the middle of the box poke the nail thrugh the box.

Step 3:

 then tie the string to the part of the nail that is poking out of the box.

Step 4:

then tie the other side of the string to the pen and well you are pulling on the string draw in a circle (as shown).

Step 5:

then cut it out as shown blow.

Step 6:

 After you did all of that, just cover the cardbord with your faveorite color duck tape starting as shown. AND YOU ARE DONE!!!

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    I just mean that Frisbees in the stores are all weird shapes now and all you need is a disk. Also, I like that you can personalize what duct tape you use and how you decorate it with the duct tape :)