Duck Tape Hammock




My son likes doing stuff w/duct tape, so we decided to make this together.

Step 1: Wood to Make Hammock Rigid

I used 2 pieces of scrap 2x4 that I had ripped down for another project. These are about 1/2" x 1 1/2" and cut at 52".  Used a 1/4" round over bit on the router table to smooth the sides.

Step 2: Length of Grey Duct Tape

Took grey duct tape, and cut them twice as long as the desired lenght of hammock.  laid sticky side up and draped over table.  Used 2x4's on end to secure and stabilize tape while making. 

After the strips were laid out (26 in all), then the wood pieces were added to each end and secured to the table so it wouldn't move.  The strips of tape were folded over onto themselves.  The over laps reached to the middle of the hammock which gives plenty of strength so it won't pull apart.

Step 3: Red Duct Tape

Used the red duct tape for the width of the hammock.  strips were cut double the width and we laid 4-6 strips at a time.  Laid about 40 pieces in all.  Again sticky side up, folded back onto itself w/ends meeting in the middle (just like the grey tape).

Step 4: Reinforcing Ends

Took strips of tape and overlaid the wood ends prior to drilling holes because the integrity of the lengths of grey tape would be compromised from the drilling.

Used a 1//4" drill bits to drill the rope holes.  spacing started at 1" in from the end, then every 5 1/2".  Then used a 1/2" countersink bit to round the ends of the holes.

Step 5: Making the Rope

Tried making duct tape rope for it, however it wasn't strong enough to hold me.  So I got100' of 1/4" poly-rope rated at 112 lbs. from harbor freight.

cut 10 pieces at 10' each (leaves you w/plenty of extra). I had 2 metal rings from an old swing that I used.  The ropes were weaved together on the ring (copied from our real hammock) then secured to the duct tape hammock through the rope holes.

I hung the ring from the wall and let the ropes hang while attaching to the hammock.  Did the 2 outside holes first and made sure it was level, then I did the other holes, working my way to the center.

(the picture are of the duct tape rope that i tried, and from our real hammock.  Didn't take pics of me making w/the blue poly-rope, but it's the same concept)

Step 6: Finished Using Rope

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    Will it fall


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    We had the hammock stand, now we interchange, the duck tape one w/ the other one.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    it was realy cute that you and your son did thisd together. i also love this idea . thanks for sharing