Duck Tape Lego Batman Wall Art

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in this instructape`le i am going to chow you how to make a custom peace of duck tape wall art .

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Step 1: Cardboard Drawing

to start of you take a peace of wight cardboard an make it the size you want. than you draw on the design with a pencil so you can correct mistakes along the way.

Step 2: Duck Tape

take a role of duck tape , i used black because that was all i had. you can make the art more colorful if you want but i decided to STICK with one color .

Step 3: The Straight Lines

take your scissors and start cutting the length`s of duck tape that are needed .

Step 4: The Logo

i drew the logo backwards on the back of a peace of duck tape and cut it out .if you don't want your fingers to stick to the tape make your finger wet. the tape will not stick to your fingers

Step 5: Wall Hanging Trick

make a roll out of a peace of duck-tape and pres it flat on the wall . push the art against it .

so now you have some custom wall art ..

until next time

sir. woodster

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