Hello All,

I have made a duck with the use of recycle waste material which cost is negligible and easy available on all homes.

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Step 1: ​Step 1: Gather Your Materials

* Small Shoe Box

* Paper Cardboard Box

* Brown Bonding Tape

* Toilet Paper

* Fevicol

* Cutter

* Pen

Step 2: ​Step 1: Cut Box and Packing Material in Shape

1. Cut the Paper Cardboard in shape of neck of duck.

2. cut the small box from the front side to make support of neck of duck.

3. Fix the neck in the small Shoe box

Step 3: ​Step 1: Make a Body of Duck

1. Roll the News Paper and paste in the small box and neck of the duck.

2. Shape the paper with some curve and paste with the use of Tape.

Step 4: ​Step 1: Last Minute

By Using Toilet Paper, wrap the hole duck with the help of Fevicol (You can use any bonding Material).

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7 months ago

Nice work! I made a duct tape duck several years ago for fun, and this reminds me of that. Well done, thank you for sharing your work!