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Introduction: DuckBot With 3 Servos With Fall Recovery

About: I am an American teaching English at Shangluo University, Shaanxi. I like making machines that do interesting but fairly useless things - I call them Quixotic Machines.

This robot is made with a cardboard body, two micro servos for legs, a standard servo for the neck, an Arduino Uno for control, carbon fishing pole sections for the legs and a wooden spatula for the feet and neck.

It runs on 9 volt battery for the Arduino and a 6 volt battery pack for the servos.

It waddles and turns slowly but doesn't quack.

It can get up from a fallen position and uses a tilt sensor (SCA60C) to know if it has fallen over and to begin the fall recovery routine.

Step 1: Body

The body is made from cardboard and hot glue and is a perfect solution for creating a custom fixture without resorting to heavier materials.

Step 2: Neck and Head

The neck is composed of a standard servo connected to the handle of a wooden spatula to which is attached the 9 volt battery which serves as a counter-weight. Two zip ties connect the battery to the neck.

The head (9 volt battery) has one or two magnets attached to it to help balance the robot over it's feet.

Step 3: Feet

The feet are cut from a wooden spatula and epoxied to two wooden legs which are pieces of a carbon fiber fishing pole. The feet must be at a slight angle to the legs so that the outside of the feet do not touch the ground when the robot is standing on both feet. This way when the counterweight is on one side of the duck, the opposite feet will then sit flat on the ground and opposite foot will be slightly off the ground and able to move forward and backward.

Step 4: Control

An Arduino Uno is used to control the servos. The program is pretty simple but I do have a routine to slow the servos down when they move so that they are not so jarring and likely to upset the robot as it changes from one foot to another. I will post the code if anyone is interested.

Thanks for watching.

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    Nice touch.