Duct Tape Arm Cannon

About: I like duct tape.

Be like Samus without the suit!!!! (Which I will be making later btw) Easy to make and fun to use!!!!


Step 1:

Ok here's whatcha need:
Duct Tape
Box Cutter or Scissors
Spray paint(optional)

Step 2: Handle

First get a smalll peice of cardboard and roll it up then duct tape it together. Careful the length of your handle is the diameter of the barrel.

Step 3: Barrel

now get a peice of carboard as long as your arm and roll it up. Make sure its hollow and able to fit the handle. Then tape the handle in as swwn in the picture. Then trace the top and add a peice of carboard to close it off.

Step 4: Details

Ok so right now this is very bland. Retrace the top but smaller to make it look cool.
Then add a rectangle to each side (L/R)
For me i added a duct tape line in the midddle.
Then to make it look super cool spray paint it. Green or whatever.
I'm painting mine gold



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