Duct Tape BandAid Case

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So this is about how to make a handy little duct tape case for bandaids. I like to be prepared as I am an outside kid so either me, or someone else often gets hurt and it's nice when I can help them out. This is a simple project that wouldn't have to take more than 20 minutes, if you don't mess up.

Duct Tape-- Not very much, but it depends
Measuring device, ruler, tape measure
Hands, scissors, or a knife-- to rip or cut the tape

The end result depends entirely on how you do it, this should just give you an idea of what I carry around with me just about everywhere I go. 

Just look through all of the pictures, the steps are on them. Thank you. 



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    People should vote for this in the Pocket Sized Contest (: