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Introduction: Duct Tape Baseball Glove

I decided to make an old school baseball glove, inspired by Roy Hobbs of "The Natural". The goal was to make the glove 100% from duct tape.

Step 1: Template

A template was made from posterboard by tracing my hand, then tracing an area larger to create the glove. Tape was overlayed and placed face to face to create two sheets. The template was then traced onto these sheets and cut using scissors.

Step 2: Stitching

The two glove pieces were placed together and all the seams binding using duct tape.

Step 3: Inside Out

Once the binding was done the glove was turned inside out, to hide all the tape seams. This was the most difficult part of the process, taking a lot of time and effort. To pull the fingers all the way through I had to use needle nose pliers to grab the tips and pull them out, being careful not to rip the tape.

Step 4: Webbing

The strips for the webbing were created by folding strips of duct tape over 3 times.

Notches were cut in the back of the thumb and index finger and the strips threaded through.

The ends of the strips were pealed back, the excess flap removed, and folded over adhere to the notch and strip.

Step 5: Lacing

Holes for the laces were made using a wooden skewer. The lacing was the same as the webbing, folded over duct tape, with thin strips cut with scissors. The lacing was pushed through the holes by using the wooden skewer.

Step 6: Finished

I added  lightning bolt for that "Wonderboy" touch. I don't know if I'd use this for catching baseballs, but it should help improve your fielding percentage on the wiffle ball field. :)

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    I maked two of thoes in finish of step nr. 1 in 2 hours


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Now you need a duct tape ball to go with it. And a bat.

    Heck, you could do a whole duct tape sports theme!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    LOL. Great idea. The duct tape Field of Dreams: "If you duct it, they will come".