Duct Tape Glitter Beauty Organizer ♥




This Beauty Organizer holds:
Makeup pallets, lipstick, nail-polish, makeup brushes, jewelry, bobby pins, ponytails, foundation, sunglasses,headbands, wrist watches, and rings, and Duct Tape holds it all together!! ♥♥


Step 2: Open Your Box

Step 3: Paint & Decorate

Paint, Glitter & decorate the inside of your box . This will be your background.

I created a pink galaxy theme. Use an old toothbrush to splatter paint black & white if

you want a galaxy theme as well.

Step 4: Make 2 Slits in Your Cardboard

Measure the height of your tallest nail polish ( or whatever you decide to put on your bottom shelf)

Draw a straight line where you will use your box cutter to make a slit into the cardboard.

Step 5: Make 2 Shelves

1. Measure & cut a new piece of cardboard to fit into your slit.

2. Push it int the slit that you made & fold it twice into a rectangular shelf.

3. Add Duct tape to it for decoration.

4. Duct tape the backside as well to hold in place (View photos)

Step 6: Secure Your Shelf

Pull rope or tulle through your whole punched ends and tie & secure your shelf to the cardboard.

Step 7: Test Your Shelves

Add your makeup to your shelf to test it and make sure that it will hold your makeup in place without falling.

It should stay!

Step 8: Make Duct Tape Makeup Brush Holders

1. Measure the width of your makeup brush & fold a piece of duct tape hot dog style

2. Add 2 smaller pieces of duct tape to to hold your brush to the board

3. You can also just use 1 piece of folded duct tape & use hot glue to adhere it to your board.

Step 9: Make Duct Tape Bobby Pin Holder

1. Cut & Fold a small square piece of cardboard into a box,

2. Cover it in duct tape ( Don't cover the opening)

3. Place your bobby Pins & hair accessories inside! :)

Step 10: Make Duct Tape Ponytail Holder.

1. Cut a 2" x 2" piece of cardboard out

2. cut 4 slits on all 4 of the corners

3. Fold each corner slit once creating 8 small triangles

4. Fold each side together, until you have created a small box

5. Hot Glue the sides together

6. Decorate with glitter using mod podge

7. fold a very skinny piece of duct tape together

8. Hot glue the box to your board once it is dry

9. Hot glue your Duct tape strip to the box & add pony tails when dry! :0

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13 Discussions


2 years ago

Love it!looks super cute;I think I'll make this for sure.


3 years ago

This is awesome. Awesomeness with awesome sauce even. I LOVE the pink galaxy theme - it looks professionally done. WOW and then the whole organizer - you are so clever. I am definitely going to incorporate some of your ideas into my duck tape crafting! Thanks for sharing this!!! <3


3 years ago

love that it is super pretty ❤❤


3 years ago on Introduction

Yes! I need a organizer for my collection of jewelery . This combine the best things: glitter and duct tape!


3 years ago on Introduction

This is awesome I also use duck tape well I used to when I was like 10 but I used to make stuff like that too.


3 years ago on Introduction

This is incredible! I love how it's all customized to fit your makeups and so pink!! Buying something like this would cost so much $$. You are a genius!

1 reply

3 years ago

Without Duct tape this wouldn't be possible :)