Duct Tape Belt

Duct Tape Belt

Step 1: Duct Tape Belt (Easy)

What you need for this project:

~Duct tape

~Belt Buckle


Step 2: Measure & Tape

First off, measure your waist. You want to make the belt as accurate as possible so you don't have too much extra. Also, measure your belt loops to see how wide to make the belt.

Get your duct tape and draw out a long piece. Lightly grasp close to the middle of the piece and fold one half on top of the other. It takes practice to get good at this, so you might have trouble the first few tries. See the picture below for a visual. Squeeze out all of the bubbles in the tape and continue on until you have enough to fit around your waist.

Step 3: Cut & Connect

Mark the width of the belt loops on the strips of duct tape made in step 1. Using a ruler, make a line by extending the mark. Cut along the mark, and repeat for each piece. You can also just tear the duct tape from the first mark, which is easier.

After this, you want to join the separate strips into one with small strips of duct tape.

Step 4: Add the Buckle

Finally, you have a choice of buckles for the belt. You can harvest a regular one or use anything else that works for you.

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    6 Discussions


    6 days ago

    Neat but I think that Black Duct Tape would look nicer though

    1 reply

    Reply 5 days ago

    You could use any color of Duct Tape you want if you make it.


    16 days ago

    Cool idea. What if, instead of doubling the tape on itself you applied the tape to a "backing" material, like cloth? Wouldn't that be easier?

    1 reply

    Reply 14 days ago

    when you put it on a backing material it tends to stiffen a bit more than just the tape. It still works, and yes it is easier to do. Also, you can't say that it's 99% duct tape (you used a buckle) if ti has cloth in the middle.


    Reply 16 days ago

    Yes! I have done this many times and it works very well