Duct Tape Belt




Introduction: Duct Tape Belt

How to make a cheap belt with things you find around the house. I made this belt one day when my old belt was starting to wear out, it is easy and doesn't take much to make.

Step 1: Materials, and Tools.

For this instructable you will need:
1 roll of duct tape
1 Pair of scissors
1 pen
1 ruler
2 key chain rings

Step 2: Measure Tape.

Measure the tape out to fit your waist. You will need to double the amount. Fold over its all but the last 1 inch.

Step 3: Choose Thickness

get you ruler and measure how thick you want your belt all the way down. i made mine 3CM but you can make it bigger or smaller.

Step 4: Cut

Cut the Tape along the line you just made.

Step 5: Fitting the Rings

If your belt is as thick as mine you will need to cut the end so that the rings will fit.

Step 6: Puting Rings On

Slide the key chain rings on the end and fold it over.


You now have a belt. to put it on you need to put the end through both rings then bring it around the top ring and through the bottom.



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    66 Discussions

    Just made it...Love it! Mine is purple with some green at the end. I'm really satisfied with the way it turned out! Thx for the 'ible.

    I would take 1 peice and fold it over its self Hotdog-ways.  But I guess that just makes it thiner.

    4 replies

     why do people call it "hot dog style"? havent u ever thought of that it actually sounds weird?

    I couldn't think of any other way to put it, if you have any suggestions, please enlighten me.

    Oh man! I thought it would be adjustable! *thinks up a design* I GOT IT!!! Well, just the same thing. Only the adjustable part of it uses the ring and a fairly thick gauge piece of wire for the thing that goes through the holes that are on the other end of the belt... Just think of the usual belt and replace leather with duct tape, the other things with, well, whatever you can think of.

    I have amazing difficulty with folding the duct tape over, I always screw it up really bad. Any tips?

    2 replies

    For long things, such as a belt, I will often do it in a few shorter sections.  For short ones, fold the edges, than the middle, and press down to flatten.

    I made a bunch before this that look bad because of folding, i just got better the more i made.

    I like this idea but if you were in a hurry couldn't you just take a role and take a long strip, put it through the loops and tape it together?