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Introduction: Duct Tape Bike Pouch

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Bike theft is a crime with little consequence. Anything removable on your bike are at risk, no matter how crappy they are. A very very old broken bike pouch of mine was stolen recently; I believe the thief was aiming for possible valuables inside the pouch, and just grabbed the whole thing quickly. It was only some pretty stones I found on the beach. Any how, it makes no sense anymore to buy any nice (or crappy) pouch. So let's make one with our good friend - duct tape.

What I have in mind regarding a good bike pouch, it should be:

  1. Easy to access
  2. Waterproof
  3. Have reflectives for night rides
  4. Secure

Step 1: Materials

  • Duct Tape of your choice

Thickness: The duct tape I have is the thicker kind but also very flexible, made by itape.com. Some duct tapes are thin, and not as flexible. They might be neater on a flat surface, but not in wrapping corners.

  • Some thicker paper (i.e. cereal box)

The shorter side is the width of the pouch.

  • Blue Bunny ice cream lid
  • Velcro: cable tie / Zip tie (to attach pouch to handle bar)
  • Velcro: sticky back (optional: to close the pouch)
  • Reflective tape/ fabric (optional: a good addition for night rides)

Tools: sharpie, scissors, box cutter (or a swiss knife).

Step 2: Build the Structure

I didn't make any sketches, since the shape will be based on the Blue Bunny lid.

  • Cut the lid in half, they become the side of the pouch.

The cardboard is to provide a slight solid shape for the pouch. The shorter side is the width of the pouch; it's up to you. The length is also up to you; just remember that it's better for the opening to be more flexible (no paper).

  • Cut the cardboard into appropriate size. Trace it along the hollow of the lid, then secure with small strips of duct tape.

Check out next step to see how much paper I used.

Step 3: Cover It Up…

  • Gradually cover the whole interior with duct tape. Corners are most important!

I did it while watching TV shows.

  • Construct the opening.

I had in mind to extend the upper flap to shield the opening from rain; also a more secure opening. Feel free to construct your other styles of opening such as flap top.

Step 4: Add Velcro

  • Use box cutter (or swiss knife) to cut openings for to insert the velcro strips (or zip tie).

And now you can attach the pouch onto your bike!

As I mentioned that bike thieves might just grab the whole thing for valuables; this duct tape bike pouch will probably be the target at some point. It might be slightly more secure to use zip tie, but they are easy to cut. I am considering metal strap.

Step 5: Optional: Add Reflectives

If you have some reflective tape (or strips) lying around, it'd be nice to put them on the pouch!

Step 6: One Step Further… Bento Box!

With the Blue Bunny lid, you can also make a bento box by cutting it the other way. They form the sides of the bento box; it was constructed the same way as the pouch.

This opening style with cover is very secure, but it's impossible to keep it open. I actually never own a bento box before, so apparently this one is XXL size… it can store at least 4 KIND bars!!

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    1 year ago

    it may look a little weird, but who cares? it still works. Also, I would use zip ties because those are near impossible to open.


    4 years ago

    Great storage solution!