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Homework always gets lost in my mess of a backpack. I get stuff lost only to find it at the bottom of my bag a month later. I have been asking for a binder for the past year but my parents want me to just clean out my backpack. Clean out my backpack? No way! Here is an easy solution that is cheap too! I had an old folder laying around so...I decided to make a duct tape binder! I am also including a pencil bag inside. Now, enough talk! Let's get started!


Step 1: The Pencil Bag

Take a gallon sized storage bag (I used Glad) and cut in half. Now wrap in duct tape. Take a hole puncher and punch holes where the rings will go through.

Step 2: Binder

Wrap the folder in duct tape. Make sure to keep all of the outside flaps accessible.

Step 3: Strap

Take a long strap of duct tape so that it will go around your neck and down to your side. Do the same with another piece and rip it in half both ways. take the un-ripped strap and lay it sticky side up. Place one ripped piece on each side as shown above. HARD-BE CAREFUL- fold the un-ripped part over. Do this slowly, I messed up many times. After you fold place the ripped pieces along the sides of the inside as also shown above. DONE! :) Didn't have to clean out my bag. :)



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    3 years ago on Introduction

    this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ill never have to clean out my backpack again! Haha. :D