Duct Tape Bow

Introduction: Duct Tape Bow

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Hi guys! This is my duct tape instructable so hope you like it! It's super easy and you can do it in about 5 minutes! Have fun!

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Step 1: Gather Your Materials!

Duct tape (got mine at 5 and below)

Step 2: 4, 4 1/2 Inch Pieces of Duct Tape

It doesn't have to be this size but this is what I recommend.

Step 3: Take 2 of Them and Do This

Make sure it is the sticky side up!

Step 4: Take the Next Two and Put It on Top

Step 5: Cut Off the Excess

Step 6: Fold

Fold it like making a paper fan.

Step 7: Take Another Piece of Tape and Put It Around

Your done!!!

Step 8: Put It on Whatever You Want

This includes:

Rings ( if you make a small bow)
And you get the idea.

So, thank you for looking at this instructable so if you make it, take a picture and put it in the comments. Tell me what I should do, whether it's minecraft, drawing, origami, duct tape, or anything else because I'll be happy to TRY it! Check out my other instructables, leave a like, and please FOLLOW! I hope I get more followers soon! I hoped you liked it and I wish you good luck on making this!!!!! ;)

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