Duct Tape Bows




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These are really cute bows you can put anywhere!

Step 1: What You Need

Duct tape

Step 2: Get Your Duct Tape

You. Need to get a piece of duct tale that is about 6 inches

Step 3: Folding

Turn it over then, take one end and fold it in half

Step 4: Edges

Since my edges don't look very nice I'm going to cut them off to have clean edges

Step 5: Fan Fold

Now that you have clean edges you are going to fold like you fold to make a fan

Step 6: Get Duct Tape

Now cut a tiny piece

Step 7: Wrap

Wrap the tiny piece of duct tape around the middle of the the fan folded bow

Step 8: Stretch

Stretch or pull the ends

Step 9: Finished

Your bow is finished! :)



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    i love turltles

    4 years ago

    adorable! now I just need patterned duct tape...