Duct Tape Bracelet

Introduction: Duct Tape Bracelet

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This is how to make a duct tape bracelet. It takes two minutes without any trouble and skipping optional steps. Three with no trouble and optional steps. Four with trouble and skippin optional steps. Five with trouble and optional steps.

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Step 1: Sticky Side Out

First, make a loop of duct tape slightly larger than your wrist. Do not make it the exact size of your wrist or you will not be able to get it off.

Step 2: Sticky Side In

Then, roll the roll of duct tape around the loop. Making it smooth on both sides.

Step 3: Trimming

Lastly, cut off about 1/8 of an inch of the duct tape on each side so that there are no rough edges. Voila! You now have a duct tape bracelet! You could get markers to draw/write on it if you want. But that is optional.

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