Duct Tape Bracelet




Introduction: Duct Tape Bracelet

Whether it's single or multiple strips the duct tape bracelet looks amazing!

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Step 1: Single Strip Bracelet

First, for the single strip bracelet, you need to pick a color.
Rap the duct tape around your wrist sticky side up, and cut when it goes fully around your wrist.  Make sure to leave a little extra!
Fold the duct tape strip in half the long way.
Take a small piece of duct tape about 1/4 of the size of the strip and attach it to one end.
Rap it around your wrist and attach the side with the sticky piece of duct tape  to the other end.

Step 2: Multiple Strip Bracelet Step 1

Take a strip of duct tape measure it around your wrist and cut.  Leave some extra.
Cut a strip of duct tape the same size but don't fold it.  Instead, leave it unfolded and attach the duct tape to the one side of the first strip but don't cover the whole strip number one strip.  Then fold strip number two the long way in half and make it go a little bit over strip number one.

Step 3: Multiple Strip Bracelet Step 2

You can keep adding strips for as long as you want.
When your done a piece of duct tape and stick it together.
And now your done!!!

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very cool! Can you show a picture with these on someone's arm?