Duct Tape Cardboard Man!!!!

Introduction: Duct Tape Cardboard Man!!!!

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This is a very easy to make man. He can be easily posed and takes only 30 minutes!!!!!

Step 1: Materials

You only need 3 materials:
Pipe Cleaners
Duct Tape
Plus one tool:
Scissors/box cutter

Step 2: The Head and Body

For the body and head cut out a peice of card board shaped like what you want. If you want to make it thicker then add and extra 4 layers.

Step 3: Connecting

To connect any of the card board pieces place 3 peices of pipe cleaners across the parts. Duct tape each side. 3 on one side then tree on another.

Step 4: Arms

The arms are made with two parts
part1: the smaller part is the one  closer to the shoulder
part2: just the opposite
connect the 2 parts together and two the shoulder.

Step 5: Legs

Make the legs just like the arms!!!
Then you can spray paint it.

Step 6: To Be Continued...

I'm thinking of making armor for this or a better one out off clay or something.

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