Duct Tape Clutch

Introduction: Duct Tape Clutch

This is mainly a project for girls, but, guys, you can make them, too! They can be gifts, you can sell them, or really anything you want, guys or girls! This is similar to the wallet in my previous Instructable, but not quite. It's a bit different. But only a little. So, without further ado, The. Duct. Tape. Clutch!

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Step 1: Materials


Duct Tape (duh!) ((One or two colors))
A flat surface
Knick Knacks (Random little stuff)

Step 2: Basically, the Most Important Part

This is, obviously, the most important part of the project, as most first steps are. Make a sheet of tape six strips long, however wide you like. I personally did mine about as long as you would make a wallet, which is about two inches wider than a dollar bill. Trim any extras.

Step 3: Folding

Now for the folding. Fold your sheet and use the lines where the duct tape strips meet. Fold until you reach the second line from the top. It may sound confusing, but that;s the best I can explain it. Tape the sides together to form a pocket, but DO NOT fold any extra duct tape above the "Pocket" part, If anything, make any extra tape go below the project altogether then cut off the extra.

Step 4: Now It Gets Confusing...but It's the End!

Of the top part that did not form the pocket, trim the top so it forms a triangle. Fold it down to close the pocket. If you wanted, like I did, you can cut a small circle out and place it at the peak of the triangle. Just for decoration. Then you need to add one piece of Velcro on the inside flap of the triangle, and another piece on the outside rectangle of the body, exactly parallel to the other Velcro piece.

Step 5: Congrats!

You are now officially done! Put some small things inside and KABAM! Ah-Maze-Ing!

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