Duct Tape Data Cable

Introduction: Duct Tape Data Cable

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Hello friends i think you are also tired of old data cable for charging your smartphones.In this instructable i'm going to taught you to make a duct-tape data cable which can later be folded and opened for use.

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Step 1: Materials Required

Now, we're going to make the duct tape data cable. so we need some material to make it.

So, here's the list of material required to make this project.


- Duct tape

- copper wire

- an old data cable


- scissor

- plier

Step 2: Open the Tape

First open the tape and cut the length how long you want and then paste the small amount of the tape to the ground like given in the image.

Step 3: Cut the Copper Wire

Now take the copper wire and cut two equal part of the copper wire.Be sure that the length of one copper wire is greater than the tape.

Step 4: Remove the Insulator From Copper Wire

To make the copper wire to conduct electricity we need to remove the copper insulator from the both side.Do not remove the insulator more than 1 cm.

Step 5: Paste Copper Wire on the Duct Tape

Now paste the copper wire on the duct tape .paste the copper wire parallel to each other and after it cover the copper wire with another duct tape on it.

Step 6: Cut the Data Cable

First cut the both end of the data cable. Be sure to cut the wire from the after 4-5 cm.

Step 7: Cutting the Wires

Now remove the plastic insulator from the red and black wire as they are the charging wire of the data cable.

Step 8: Connecting the Wires

Now connect the wires to the copper wire. the red wire is the positive and the black is negative. be sure to connect the both end of of red wire to the same copper wire and the black wire to the same copper wire.

Step 9: Final Step

Now you need to soldering the wire and covering the insulated wire with tape to avoid the wore to be touched to each other.

Step 10: Completed

Now you have a duct tape data cable which you can fold when not in use and open it when you want to charge your phone.

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