Duct Tape Desk Organiser File

Introduction: Duct Tape Desk Organiser File

How to make a cool organiser file for your desk which has all your bits and bobs in one place! Really easy to make, and I wish I had some cool colours and patterns of duct tape, but I only have grey and black. Enjoy!

Step 1: What You Need

You will need:

Anything you want to put in the organiser, and

duct tape ( x2 )


toiled roll

double sided tape


cardboard (choose the size you want)

Step 2: Getting the Cardboard Ready

Down the centre of the cardboard mark out a 3-4 centimetre strip using a ruler and a pencil. Band the cardboard carefully along the lines. This makes the spine.

Cover the inside and outside sides in one colour of duct tape. Do the spine in a different colour.

On the front cover put on some of the spine coloured tape and write on sharpie your name or what you want to call the organiser.

Step 3: Containers

First way to attach supplies: Containers.

Find a suitable container (mine was the packaging for some neon gel pens) and cut a strip of duct tape long enough to go round the container once.

Put the duct tape on the front of the container and down 2 sides, then stick the rest to the file.

Using a sharpie, write down what you are going to put inside the container on the duct tape.

Step 4: Pockets

2nd way to attach supplies: Pockets

Stick 2 strips of duct tape together. One should be longer that the other. Trim the shorter one so that it is not as wide as well. When you stick them together, put the smaller one right to the top in the middle of the bigger one, and stick the sticky sides together.

Put the inside around your supply and stick the sticky bits of duct tape onto the file. Remember to make sure that the sides and bottom have all stuck on properly.

Step 5: Double Sided Tape

3rd way to attach supplies: double sided tape

This way is used for attaching notebook, sticky notes, and other things like that.

Just put some tape over the back of the object, peel off the backing, and stick it firmly onto the file.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Add the supplies into the pockets and containers, make sure the file can close and............

ALL DONE!!!!!!!

Enjoy your new desk organiser!

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