Duct Tape Dog Leash and Collar




I am homeschooled and for my art project today I decided I would make a leash and collar for our dogs.  We have 2 small dogs.  I wanted to take them for a walk.  This is how I made my first one.  

Step 1: Leash

I measured out 5 feet of green duct tape, then I folded it in half lengthwise.  

Then I added a clip from an old broken leash to my new leash and folded it over and taped it together.

Step 2: Handle

I covered an empty toilet paper tube with a printed duct tape and laced the leash through and taped it together.

Step 3: Collar

For the collar, I pulled off about 2 feet of duct tape and folded it in half lengthwise.  I then wrapped it around the dogs neck to check the length I needed.  I let it overlap a little and cut off the extra and taped it together.  I used the extra that I cut off to hold the connecting ring and taped both ends of it to the collar.

Step 4:

I learned doing this instructable that you must be very careful while working with duct tape.  If you don't fold it straight it is very difficult to fix.



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